• 连续剧华泽尔·古米治

    主演:英迪娅·布朗 麦肯锡·克鲁克 史蒂夫·佩姆伯顿 萝西·凯弗利洛 


    简介:Set to broadcast in two one-hour films, this family treat is inspired by the classic books of Barbara Euphan Todd and is pegged to be the TV event of the season. Mackenzie Crook has taken Scatterbrook farm and the infamous characters of this well-loved tale and injected them with a tender and authentic charm. This is the perfect family adventure, packed with a fun, mischievous spirit and delivered with an environmental message. Mackenzie Crook, (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Detectorists) who has written, directed and stars as Worzel Gummidge, has gathered a host of both accomplished and brilliant actors who are set to appear in this eagerly anticipated adaptation. Playing The Green Man, creator of the scarecrows, who arrives to Scatterbrook in episode two, is comedy legend Sir Michael Palin. He says: “It’s a lovely part for me, but the whole script is very memorable and touching, and very funny too. It quite skillfully weaves in something for everybody all the time.” Zoë Wanamaker (My Family, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone) will play the eccentric local aristocrat, Lady Bloomsbury Barton in episode two. She says: “The whole thing is so charming and inventive. It’s the sort of thing I’d watch. I’m sure it will be a huge success. I know it will - it’s divine.” Vicki Pepperdine (Getting On, The Windsors) takes on the role of the formidable Aunt Sally in episode one. She says: “There’s something for everybody. It’s got this heart to it, and you’d be hard pushed as an adult not to engage with it.” Steve Pemberton (League Of Gentleman, Benidorm) will play Mr Braithwaite, the farmer. He says: “This is the kind of show the whole family can enjoy together. It has a lot of humour, a lot of visual humour too, and I think kids will enjoy watching the children being central to the story.” Rosie Cavaliero (Gentleman Jack, Cleaning Up) will play Mrs Braithwaite, she added: “It’s a story about the imagination, and children escaping into this different world. Mackenzie’s version is totally contemporary.” Ones to watch India Brown (Hetty Feather) and Thierry Wickens (making his TV debut) will play Susan and John, two city children spending their summer at Scatterbrook farm who quickly befriend Worzel and begin a summer of adventures. The first episode, The Scarecrow Of Scatterbrook, sees two young strangers arrive in the village of Scatterbrook. It’s not long before Susan and John encounter Worzel Gummidge, the Scarecrow of Ten Acre Field. Their world is sent spinning into confusion when they realise Gummidge comes to life. The only person more shocked is Worzel, when he discovers that the children are not in fact fellow scarecrows but humans. Their worlds should never commune but fate has conspired to create an extraordinary union. The seasons have stopped and the harvest hasn’t arrived. The rhythm of the natural world is out of kilter and this unlikely trio must try to put it right. Magic, mystery and mayhem unfurl. The second episode, The Green Man, welcomes another mysterious arrival to Scatterbrook. The Green Man is the creator of scarecrows and keeper of scarecrow lore. He isn’t at all happy that Worzel is consorting with humans. Elsewhere, local aristocrat Lady Bloomsbury Barton is holding a fete, with a Scarecrow competition that Worzel is determined to win. What will The Green Man and Worzel's most competitive rival, Soggy Bogart make of it all? Worzel Gummidge is written and directed by Mackenzie Crook and is a Leopard Pictures, Treasure Trove Productions and Lola Entertainment production for BBC One. It is Executive Produced by Kristian Smith for Leopard Pictures, Lisa Thomas for Lola Entertainment, Mackenzie Crook for Treasure Trove Productions, with rights holders Patrick D. Pidgeon and Eric S. Rollman executive producers for Pidgeon Entertainment, Inc. It is produced by Georgie Fallon and Alex Moody is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC. Further casting: Francesca Mills - Earthy Mangold Tim Plester - Clarty Colin Michael Carmichael - Soggy Bogart Andrew James Spooner - Flat Alistair Phil Hulford - Hannah Harrow Tom Meeten - HMS Odney Christopher-Robert Barlow - Rag Bag Kiran Shah - Chopper and Root Bound Charlie Mayhew - Rustle Sprouter Lucy Montgomery - Jackie Pudding Gus Brown - Oswald Pollypop Malik Ibheis - Trike Ben Langley - Driver Mariam Haque - Receptionist

  • 连续剧坏银行第二季

    主演:葆拉·贝尔 德斯瑞·诺斯布奇 巴里·阿茨玛 阿尔布雷希特·舒赫 乔梅杨 Marc Limpach 


    简介:Six months have passed since the financial world nearly collapsed in the crisis. Stricter conditions and regulations make business extremely difficult for the world’s third largest bank – Deutsche Global Invest. Her objectives of ascension in the Global’s board of directors for the new boss of investments, CHRISTELLE LEBLANC (Désirée Nosbusch), seem to disappear little by little every day. Even for the ambitious investment banker JANA LIEKAM (Paula Beer), things are not going as planned. She and her team (THAO, ADAM, SHANTIMAY), who work for Leblanc, have their hands tied. But Jana quickly finds herself in a strong position when she is sent to Berlin by Leblanc for a new mission. But behind that, she secretly has her own agenda – after all, she still resents her boss. Berlin is not only a huge historical center, it is also one of the most important financial hubs in Europe with the dazzling emergence of its startups and fintechs. The German capital becomes both an opportunity and a challenge for Jana.

  • 连续剧有家真好第二季

    主演:娜塔丽阿明 Kate Dobson 奥克利·佩德加斯特 


    简介:Peter, his new partner Katy and her son John return home to Dorking from their first holiday together in France. Hiding in the boot of their car is Sami, a Syrian refugee.

  • 连续剧康纳一家第二季

    主演:约翰·古德曼 劳里·梅特卡夫 莎拉·吉尔伯特 


    简介:The Conners has been renewed! Karey Burke, president, ABC Entertainment, announced that the ABC Television Network has ordered a second season of the freshman hit comedy.

  • 连续剧浮沉

    主演:张嘉译 王志飞 白百何 王耀庆 矢野浩二 于越 朱莹 韩童生 王维维 章申 王华英 卡迪琳娜 彭冠英 冯嘉怡 


    简介:经理秘书乔莉(白百合 饰)为了挑战自我准备辞去职务跳槽做一名销售正在她准备提交辞职报告之际,她被告知经理即将被调离,不久会有新的人选来接替。临走前,经理做了一个顺水人情,将毫无经验的乔莉收入到了公司的销售部门,作为一个职场新人,销售乔莉诞生了。国企晶通正值动荡之时,厂长王贵林(张嘉译 饰)和其好友于志德(王志飞 饰)获得了政府的7个亿拨款改建工厂,这一消息像一滴水滴入沸油之中,让整个市场瞬间炸开了锅。乔莉意外的被赋予了这个艰巨的任务,在她和王贵林的接触过程中,两个人渐渐产生了感情。同时,表面忠厚的于志德也在暗中觊觎这这笔巨款,他想拿这笔钱到国外和他的情人重新组建一个家庭。为了争夺这7个亿的拨款,一场没有硝烟的战争在SC和赛思之间,也在王贵林和于志德之间正式开打。 电视剧改编自崔曼丽的同名小说,由《失恋三十三天》的原班人马倾情打造。

  • 连续剧龙樱

    主演:阿部宽 长谷川京子 斋藤洋介 山下智久 长泽雅美 中尾明庆 小池彻平 新垣结衣 纱荣子 野际阳子 矢泽心 

    导演:塚本连平 唐木希浩 小松隆志 



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